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that is to say.


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  • Cesta

    a narrow, curved basket fitted on one end to a wooden handle with a glovelike compartment at the base, for catching and throwing the ball.

  • Cestan-chenais syndrome

    Cestan-Chenais syndrome Ces·tan-Che·nais syndrome (sě-stān’shə-nā’, sě-stäɴ’-) n. A syndrome caused by lesions of the brain stem and resulting in contralateral hemiplegia, hemianesthesia, paralysis of the larynx and soft palate, enophthalmos, miosis, and ptosis.

  • Cesti

    Marcantonio [mahr-kahn-taw-nyaw] /ˌmɑr kɑnˈtɔ nyɔ/ (Show IPA), 1623–69, Italian composer. a girdle or belt, especially as worn by women of ancient Greece. Classical Mythology. the girdle of Venus, decorated with every object that could arouse amorous desire. a hand covering made of leather strips and often covered with metal studs, worn by boxers. noun (classical […]

  • Cestode

    a parasitic platyhelminth or flatworm of the class Cestoda, which comprises the tapeworms. belonging or pertaining to the Cestoda. noun any parasitic flatworm of the class Cestoda, which includes the tapeworms cestode ces·tode (sěs’tōd’) or ces·toid (-toid’) n. Any of various parasitic flatworms of the class Cestoidea, including the tapeworms, having a long, flat body […]

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