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bargaining; haggling.
to bargain; haggle:
to chaffer over a price.
to bandy words; chatter:
to chaffer about nothing in particular.
to bandy (words).
Obsolete. to trade or deal in; barter.
a person who chaffs or banters.
(intransitive) to haggle or bargain
to chatter, talk, or say idly; bandy (words)
(transitive) (obsolete) to deal in; barter
haggling or bargaining

“a bargain,” early 13c., cheffare “buying and selling,” also (14c.) cheapfare, probably from Old English ceap “bargain, traffic, gain, sale” (see cheap) + faru “faring, going” (see fare (n.)). In later use, “haggling.” The verb is recorded from mid-14c.


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