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Chalk something up

verb phrase

To record credit or debit, as if by a chalk mark: She won easily, and we must chalk it up to her careful preparation (late-1500s+)


Read Also:

  • Chalk-stripe

    (on a fabric) a pattern of thin white lines on a dark ground.

  • Chalk-talk

    a talk or lecture in which the speaker illustrates points by drawing on a blackboard: The coach gave a chalk talk before the big game. noun (US & Canadian) an informal lecture with pertinent points, explanatory diagrams, etc, shown on a blackboard noun A lecture, lesson, etc, accompanied by sketches: The coach gave us a […]

  • Chalk-eater

    noun A person who bets only on the horse favored to win (1950s+ Horse racing)

  • Chalkboard

    a blackboard, especially a green or other light-colored one. noun (US & Canadian) a hard or rigid surface made of a smooth usually dark substance, used for writing or drawing on with chalk, esp in teaching Also called (in Britain and certain other countries) blackboard n. also chalk-board, 1816, from chalk (n.) + board (n.1).

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