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to bite upon or grind, especially impatiently:
The horses champed the oats.
to crush with the teeth and chew vigorously or noisily; munch.
to mash; crush.
to make vigorous chewing or biting movements with the jaws and teeth.
the act of champing.
champ at the bit, to betray impatience, as to begin some action.
a champion.
to munch (food) noisily like a horse
when intr, often foll by on, at, etc. to bite (something) nervously or impatiently; gnaw
(informal) champ at the bit, chafe at the bit, to be impatient to start work, a journey, etc
the act or noise of champing
(Ulster, dialect) a dish, originating in Ireland, of mashed potatoes and spring onions or leeks
(informal) short for champion (sense 1)

1868, American English abbreviation of champion (n.).

“to chew noisily,” 1520s, probably echoic; OED suggests a connection with jam (v.). Earlier also cham, chamb, etc. To champ on (or at) the bit, as an eager horse will, is attested in figurative sense by 1640s. Related: Champed; champing. As a noun in this sense, attested from c.1600.
Comprehensive Healthcare Analysis and Management Program
In addition to the idiom beginning with champ


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