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(informal) a jocular spelling of charity, as pronounced in a mid-Atlantic accent


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  • Chary

    cautious or careful; wary: He was chary of investing in oil wells. shy; timid. fastidious; choosy: She is excessively chary about her friends. sparing (often followed by of): chary of his praise. adjective charier, chariest wary; careful choosy; finicky shy sparing; mean adj. Old English cearig “sorrowful” (see care (n.)). Sense evolved 16c. from “full […]

  • Charikar

    a city in E Afghanistan, in the Hindu Kush range.

  • Charily

    carefully; warily. sparingly; frugally. adverb cautiously; carefully sparingly

  • Chariness

    the state or quality of being chary. Obsolete. scrupulous integrity. noun the state of being chary

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