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an aromatic liqueur, usually yellow or green, made by the Carthusian monks at Grenoble, France, and, at one time, at Tarragona, Spain.
(lowercase) a clear, light green with a yellowish tinge.
(lowercase) of the color chartreuse.
either of two liqueurs, green or yellow, made from herbs and flowers

a colour varying from a clear yellowish-green to a strong greenish-yellow
(as adjective): a chartreuse dress


type of liqueur, 1866, from la Grande-Chartreuse, chief monastery of the Carthusian order, which was founded 11c. and named for the massif de la Chartreuse (Medieval Latin Carthusianus) mountain group in the French Alps, where its first monastery was built. The liqueur recipe dates from early 17c.; the original now marketed as Les Pères Chartreux. The color (1884) is so called from resemblance to the pale apple-green hue of the best type of the liqueur.


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