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[shas-poh; French shas-poh] /ˈʃæs poʊ; French ʃasˈpoʊ/

noun, plural chassepots
[shas-pohz; French shas-poh] /ˈʃæs poʊz; French ʃasˈpoʊ/ (Show IPA)
a breechloading rifle, closed with a sliding bolt, introduced into the French army after 1866.
/ˈʃæspəʊ; French ʃaspo/
a breech-loading bolt-action rifle formerly used by the French Army

bolt-action breechloading rifle used by French forces in the Franco-Prussian War, 1870, named for French inventor Antonine-Alphonse Chassepot (1833-1905).


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