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See chemical peel


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  • Chemarim

    black, (Zeph. 1:4; rendered “idolatrous priests” in 2 Kings 23:5, and “priests” in Hos. 10:5). Some derive this word from the Assyrian Kamaru, meaning “to throw down,” and interpret it as describing the idolatrous priests who prostrate themselves before the idols. Others regard it as meaning “those who go about in black,” or “ascetics.”

  • Chemautotroph

    /ˌkiːməʊˈɔːtətrəʊf/ noun 1. (biology) an organism, such as a bacterium, that obtains its energy from inorganic reactions using simple compounds, such as ammonia or hydrogen sulphide Also called chemolithotroph

  • Chem.E.

    1. Chemical Engineer. 1. chemical engineer 2. chemical engineering

  • Chemexfoliation

    noun See chemical peel chemexfoliation chem·ex·fo·li·a·tion (kěm’ěks-fō’lē-ā’shən) n. A chemosurgical technique designed to remove acne scars or treat chronic skin defects caused by exposure to sunlight.

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