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/ˌkiːməʊˈlɪθətrəʊf; ˌkɛm-/
another name for chemautotroph

chemolithotroph che·mo·lith·o·troph (kē’mō-lĭth’ə-trōf’, -trŏf’, kěm’ō-)
See chemoautotroph.
che’mo·lith’o·tro’phic (-trō’fĭk, -trŏf’ĭk) adj.


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  • Chemonasty

    /ˈkɛməʊˌnæstɪ/ noun 1. (botany) the nastic movement of a plant in response to a chemical stimulus

  • Chemoluminescence

    chemoluminescence che·mo·lu·mi·nes·cence (kē’mō-lōō’mə-něs’əns, kěm’ō-) n. Emission of light as a result of a chemical reaction.

  • Chemonucleolysis

    [kee-moh-noo-klee-ol-uh-sis, -nyoo-, kem-oh-] /ˌki moʊˌnu kliˈɒl ə sɪs, -ˌnyu-, ˌkɛm oʊ-/ noun 1. treatment for a herniated spinal disk in which chymopapain is injected into the disk to dissolve tissue. chemonucleolysis che·mo·nu·cle·ol·y·sis (kē’mō-nōō’klē-ŏl’ĭ-sĭs, -nyōō’-, kěm’ō-) n. The enzymatic dissolution of the pulpy nucleus by injection of chymopapain, used in the treatment of intervertebral disk lesions.

  • Chemonite

    [kee-muh-nahyt, kem-uh-] /ˈki məˌnaɪt, ˈkɛm ə-/ noun, Chemistry. 1. a solution consisting of copper hydroxide, arsenic trioxide, ammonia, acetic acid, and water: used as a wood preservative.

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