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Chicken tracks

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hen tracks


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  • Chicken-turtle

    noun 1. an edible, freshwater turtle, Deirochelys reticularia, of the southeastern U.S., characterized by a long neck and by the network of fine, yellow lines marking the dark carapace.

  • Chicken-wire

    noun 1. a light, wire netting having a large, hexagonal mesh, used especially as fencing. noun 1. wire netting with a hexagonal mesh

  • Chickie

    interjection An exclamation of alarm and warning, uttered when properly constituted authorities are approaching; cheese it, jiggers (1940s+ New York City teenagers) noun A young girl; chick: But I do not really envy the guys my age who are making out with the young chickies (1920+)

  • Chicken with its head cut off

    see: like a chicken with its head cut off

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