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Chiltern hundreds

certain crown lands, the stewardship of which is nominally bestowed on a member of the House of Commons to provide an excuse to resign, as members are not allowed to hold titular office from the crown.
to apply for the Chiltern Hundreds, to resign or express a desire to resign from the House of Commons.
Historical Examples

Mr. Bradlaugh thereafter applied for the Chiltern Hundreds and, his seat being thus vacated, Mr. Labouchere moved for a new writ.
Lord Randolph Churchill Winston Spencer Churchill

“Nothing easier than to accept the Chiltern Hundreds,” said Sydney.
Name and Fame Adeline Sergeant

There was always a Vipont ready to accept something, even the Chiltern Hundreds.
What Will He Do With It, Complete Edward Bulwer-Lytton

Then, quite suddenly, he had applied for the Chiltern Hundreds, and left England.
Grey Roses Henry Harland

Guilford hastily resumed his seat, shortly afterwards applied for the Chiltern Hundreds, and retired into comfortable obscurity.
The Mother of Parliaments Harry Graham

You ‘d never know a happy day nor a joyous hour till you accepted the Chiltern Hundreds, and cut them all.
Roland Cashel Charles James Lever

Colonel Fox, member for Stroud, accepted the Chiltern Hundreds in his favour, and became secretary to the ordnance.
The History of England in Three Volumes, Vol.III. E. Farr and E. H. Nolan

Now there is one kind of decimals with which every member is acquainted—the Chiltern Hundreds.
A Budget of Paradoxes, Volume II (of II) Augustus de Morgan

Apply for the Chiltern Hundreds and retire into public life.
Ulysses James Joyce

He should have taken the Chiltern Hundreds, and immediately informed them that he had done so.
The Greville Memoirs Charles C. F. Greville

plural noun
(in Britain) short for Stewardship of the Chiltern Hundreds; a nominal office that an MP applies for in order to resign his seat


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