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a note of embellishment preceding another note and taking a portion of its time.
Historical Examples

I will not leave them a place for adding the least appoggiatura.
The Life of Rossini Henry Sutherland Edwards

And, finally, where the appoggiatura cannot ascend, it cannot descend.
Observations on the Florid Song Pier Francesco Tosi

The situation is quite the same in regard to the appoggiatura.
How to Sing Lilli Lehmann

In this case it is not an “appoggiatura,” and should be played short.
On the Execution of Music, and Principally of Ancient Music Camille Saint-Sans

But Frdric Chopin, nuance, cadence, appoggiatura—there you have it.
The So-called Human Race Bert Leston Taylor

The effect is to suspend the principal note, by taking away the time-value of the appoggiatura prefixed to it.
Encyclopaedia Britannica, 11th Edition, Volume 2, Slice 3 Various

In modern compositions should all trills begin upon the note which is written, presuming there is no appoggiatura before the note?
Piano Playing Josef Hofmann

As we are inseparable friends—everybody assumes that I am his tacky-lacky, a kind of appoggiatura to his big note.
The Journal of a Disappointed Man Wilhelm Nero Pilate Barbellion

The acciaccatura (or short appoggiatura) is written like the appoggiatura except that it has a light stroke across its stem.
Music Notation and Terminology Karl W. Gehrkens

The appoggiatura is always accented, but the acciaccatura never is, the stress always falling on the melody tone.
Music Notation and Terminology Karl W. Gehrkens

noun (pl) -ras, -re (-rɛ)
(music) an ornament consisting of a nonharmonic note (short or long) preceding a harmonic one either before or on the stress See also acciaccatura (sense 2)


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