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    [ki-meer-uh, kahy-] /kɪˈmɪər ə, kaɪ-/ noun 1. any fish of the family Chimaeridae, the male of which has a spiny clasping organ over the mouth. 2. any similar fish of the group Holocephali, which includes this family. 3. . [ki-meer-uh, kahy-] /kɪˈmɪər ə, kaɪ-/ noun, plural chimeras. 1. (often initial capital letter) a mythological, fire-breathing […]

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    [chim-er, shim-] /ˈtʃɪm ər, ˈʃɪm-/ noun 1. .

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    [chahym] /tʃaɪm/ noun 1. the edge or brim of a cask, barrel, or the like, formed by the ends of the staves projecting beyond the head or bottom. /tʃaɪm/ noun 1. a variant spelling of chime2 /tʃaɪm/ noun 1. an individual bell or the sound it makes when struck 2. (often pl) the machinery employed […]

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    [chim-buh-rah-zoh, -rey-; Spanish cheem-baw-rah-saw] /ˌtʃɪm bəˈrɑ zoʊ, -ˈreɪ-; Spanish ˌtʃim bɔˈrɑ sɔ/ noun 1. a volcano in central Ecuador, in the Andes. 20,702 feet (6310 meters). /ˌtʃɪmbəˈrɑːzəʊ; -ˈreɪ-; Spanish tʃimboˈrazo/ noun 1. an extinct volcano in central Ecuador, in the Andes: the highest peak in Ecuador. Height: 6267 m (20 561 ft)

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