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[shi-noo k, -nook, chi-] /ʃɪˈnʊk, -ˈnuk, tʃɪ-/

noun, plural Chinooks (especially collectively) Chinook.
a member of a formerly numerous North American Indian people originally inhabiting the northern shore of the mouth of the Columbia River and the adjacent territory.
either of the two languages of the Chinook Indians.
Compare , .
(lowercase) a warm, dry wind that blows at intervals down the eastern slopes of the Rocky Mountains.
(lowercase) .
a U.S. Army cargo helicopter in service since 1962 and capable of ferrying 12 tons of supplies and troops.
/tʃɪˈnuːk; -ˈnʊk/
Also called snow eater. a warm dry southwesterly wind blowing down the eastern slopes of the Rocky Mountains
Also called wet chinook. a warm moist wind blowing onto the Washington and Oregon coasts from the sea
/tʃɪˈnuːk; -ˈnʊk/
(pl) -nook, -nooks. a Native American people of the Pacific coast near the Columbia River
the language of this people, probably forming a separate branch of the Penutian phylum

name for a group of related native people in the Columbia River region of Washington and Oregon, from Salishan /činuk/, name of a village site. Name also extended to a type of salmon (1851) and warm spring wind. Chinook jargon was a mishmash of native (Chinook and Nootka), French, and English words; it once was lingua franca in the Pacific Northwest, and it is the earliest attested use of the word (1840).
(shĭ-nk’, chĭ-)


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