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choroido- or choroid- or chorioido- or chorioid-
Choroid coat: choroidoiritis.


Read Also:

  • Choroidocyclitis

    choroidocyclitis cho·roi·do·cy·cli·tis (kə-roi’dō-sĭ-klī’tĭs, -sī-, kô-) n. Inflammation of the choroid and the ciliary body.

  • Choroidopathy

    choroidopathy cho·roi·dop·a·thy (kôr’oi-dŏp’ə-thē) n. Noninflammatory degeneration of the choroid.

  • Choroidoretinitis

    choroidoretinitis cho·roi·do·ret·i·ni·tis (kə-roi’dō-rět’n-ī’tĭs, kô-) n. See chorioretinitis.

  • Choroid plexus

    noun 1. a multilobed vascular membrane, projecting into the cerebral ventricles, that secretes cerebrospinal fluid choroid plexus n. A vascular proliferation of the cerebral ventricles that serves to regulate intraventricular pressure by secretion or absorption of cerebrospinal fluid.

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