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[kroh-muh-tiz-uh m] /ˈkroʊ məˌtɪz əm/

the abnormal coloration of leaves or other normally green parts of a plant.

chromatism chro·ma·tism (krō’mə-tĭz’əm)


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  • Chromato-

    1. a combining form meaning “color,” used in the formation of compound words in this sense and in the specialized sense of “chromatin”: chromatophore; chromatolysis. combining form 1. indicating colour or coloured: chromatophore 2. indicating chromatin: chromatolysis before vowels chromat-, word forming element indicating “color; chromatin,” from Latinized form of Greek khromato-, from khroma (see […]

  • Chromatogenous

    chromatogenous chro·ma·tog·e·nous (krō’mə-tŏj’ə-nəs) adj. Producing color; causing pigmentation.

  • Chromatogram

    [kruh-mat-uh-gram, kroh-muh-tuh-] /krəˈmæt əˌgræm, ˈkroʊ mə tə-/ noun, Chemistry. 1. the column, gel layer, or paper strip on which some or all of the constituents of a mixture have been separated by being adsorbed at different locations. /ˈkrəʊmətəˌɡræm; krəʊˈmæt-/ noun 1. a column or strip of material containing constituents of a mixture separated by chromatography […]

  • Chromatophile

    [kruh-mat-uh-fil, kroh-muh-tuh-] /krəˈmæt ə fɪl, ˈkroʊ mə tə-/ Histology adjective 1. Also, chromatophilic, chromatophilous [kroh-muh-tof-uh-luh s] /ˌkroʊ məˈtɒf ə ləs/ (Show IPA). (def 1). noun 2. (def 2). [kroh-muh-fil] /ˈkroʊ mə fɪl/ Histology adjective 1. Also, chromophilic, chromophilous [kroh-mof-uh-luh s] /kroʊˈmɒf ə ləs/ (Show IPA), chromatophilic, chromatophilous. staining readily. noun 2. a chromophil cell, tissue, […]

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