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Alexis Claude
[a-lek-see klohd] /a lɛkˈsi kloʊd/ (Show IPA), 1713–65, French mathematician.
Historical Examples

Clairaut calculated its return right within a month (p. 219).
Pioneers of Science Oliver Lodge

The calculation was difficult: Clairaut discovered the means of effecting it.
Biographies of Distinguished Scientific Men Francois Arago

The comet made its predicted nearest approach to the Sun on March 13, 1759, just one month earlier than Clairaut had computed.
The Science of the Stars E. Walter Maunder

Ultimately, Clairaut took into account a whole series of neglected terms, and it came out correct; thus verifying the theory.
Pioneers of Science Oliver Lodge

The comet arrived at its perihelion on the thirteenth of March, only twenty-three days from the time assigned by Clairaut.
Letters on Astronomy Denison Olmsted

After long and persevering labour in this region, Voltaire consulted Clairaut on the progress he had made.
Voltaire John Morley

Clairaut made this memorable communication to the Academy of Sciences on the 14th of November, 1758.
The Story of the Heavens Robert Stawell Ball

D’Alembert, Clairaut, and others attacked the problem, but were led to just the same result.
Pioneers of Science Oliver Lodge

Clairaut was then only eighteen, and was in the same year made a member of the Acadmie des sciences.
A Budget of Paradoxes, Volume I (of II) Augustus De Morgan

The route was always, within the limits of precision of the calculations, that which Clairaut had indicated beforehand.
Biographies of Distinguished Scientific Men Francois Arago


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