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[klohs] /kloʊs/

(South African) a small private limited company c.c.


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  • Close-cropped

    [klohs-kropt] /ˈkloʊsˈkrɒpt/ adjective 1. clipped or trimmed short: close-cropped hair. 2. having one’s hair clipped or trimmed short: a close-cropped wrestler.

  • Closed

    [klohzd] /kloʊzd/ adjective 1. having or forming a boundary or barrier: He was blocked by a closed door. The house had a closed porch. 2. brought to a close; concluded: It was a closed incident with no repercussions. 3. not public; restricted; exclusive: a closed meeting; a closed bid at a private auction. 4. not […]

  • Closed anesthesia

    closed anesthesia n. Inhalation anesthesia in which there is complete rebreathing of all exhaled gases, except for carbon dioxide, which is removed by the anesthetic apparatus.

  • Closed-angle glaucoma

    [klohzd-ang-guh l] /ˈkloʊzdˌæŋ gəl/ noun, Pathology. 1. angle-closure glaucoma. See under .

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