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a couplet that concludes with an end-stopped line.


Read Also:

  • Closed cycle

    noun 1. (engineering) a heat engine in which the working substance is continuously circulated and does not need replenishment

  • Closed-door

    [klohzd-dawr, -dohr] /ˈkloʊzdˈdɔr, -ˈdoʊr/ adjective 1. held in strict privacy; not open to the press or the public: a closed-door strategy meeting of banking executives. adjective 1. private; barred to members of the public: a closed-door meeting

  • Closed dislocation

    closed dislocation n. A dislocation not complicated by an external wound. Also called simple dislocation.

  • Closed drainage

    closed drainage n. The use of a water- or air-tight system to drain a body cavity.

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