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[klohz-pres, klohth z-] /ˈkloʊzˌprɛs, ˈkloʊðz-/

a receptacle for , as a chest, wardrobe, or closet.
a piece of furniture for storing clothes, usually containing wide drawers and a cabinet


Read Also:

  • Clothes prop

    noun 1. a long wooden pole with a forked end, used to raise a line of washing to enable it to catch the breeze

  • Clothes-tree

    noun 1. an upright pole with hooks near the top for hanging coats, hats, etc.

  • Clothier

    [klohth -yer, -ee-er] /ˈkloʊð yər, -i ər/ noun 1. a retailer of clothing. 2. a person who makes or sells cloth. /ˈkləʊðɪə/ noun 1. a person who makes, sells, or deals in clothes or cloth n. mid-14c., clother; late 15c., clothyer (late 13c. as a surname) Middle English agent noun from cloth; also see -ier, […]

  • Clothing

    [kloh-th ing] /ˈkloʊ ðɪŋ/ noun 1. garments collectively; ; raiment; apparel. 2. a covering. [klohth] /kloʊð/ verb (used with object), clothed or clad, clothing. 1. to dress; attire. 2. to provide with . 3. to cover with or as with . /ˈkləʊðɪŋ/ noun 1. garments collectively 2. something that covers or clothes /kləʊð/ verb (transitive) […]

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