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clottage clot·tage (klŏt’ĭj)
The blocking of a canal or duct by a blood clot.


Read Also:

  • Clotted

    [klot] /klɒt/ noun 1. a mass or lump. 2. a semisolid mass, as of coagulated blood. 3. a small compact group of individuals: a clot of sightseers massed at the entrance. 4. British Informal. blockhead, dolt, clod. verb (used without object), clotted, clotting. 5. to form into clots; coagulate. verb (used with object), clotted, clotting. […]

  • Clotted-cream

    noun 1. cream that has been clotted by cooking. noun 1. (Brit) a thick cream made from scalded milk, esp in SW England Also called Devonshire cream

  • Clotting factor

    noun 1. any one of a group of substances, including factor VIII, the presence of which in the blood is essential for blood clotting to occur Also called coagulation factor clotting factor n. Any of various plasma components involved in the clotting of blood, including fibrinogen, prothrombin, thromboplastin, and calcium ion. Also called coagulation factor. […]

  • Clotty

    [klot-ee] /ˈklɒt i/ adjective, clottier, clottiest. 1. full of clots. 2. tending to clot.

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