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[kluhb-ee] /ˈklʌb i/

adjective, clubbier, clubbiest.
characteristic of a :
The room had a warm, clubby atmosphere.
very friendly; intimate; chummy:
He became clubby with the bartender, who slipped him many free drinks.
socially exclusive; cliquish:
Their group is very clubby and unfriendly.
inclined to join .
adjective -bier, -biest
sociable, esp effusively so
exclusive or cliquish

“of a social disposition,” 1859, from club (n.) in the associative sense + -y (2). Related: Clubbily; clubbiness.


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  • Club-car

    noun 1. a railroad passenger car equipped with easy chairs, card tables, a buffet, etc.

  • Club-chair

    noun 1. a heavily upholstered chair having solid sides and a low back.

  • Club culture

    noun 1. the practice of protecting the reputation of one’s workforce in the face of criticism, above all other considerations

  • Club deal

    noun 1. (commerce) a takeover bid in which several private-equity companies form a syndicate to acquire a target company

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