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[kok-pit] /ˈkɒkˌpɪt/

a space, usually enclosed, in the forward fuselage of an airplane containing the flying controls, instrument panel, and seats for the pilot and copilot or flight crew.
a sunken, open area, generally in the after part of a small vessel, as a yacht, providing space for the pilot, part or all of the crew, or guests.
the space, including the seat and instrumentation, surrounding the driver of an automobile.
a or enclosed place for cockfights.
a place where a contest is fought or which has been the scene of many contests or battles.
(formerly) a space below the water line in a warship, occupied by the quarters of the junior officers and used as a dressing station for those wounded in action.
the compartment in a small aircraft in which the pilot, crew, and sometimes the passengers sit Compare flight deck (sense 1)
the driver’s compartment in a racing car

the site of numerous battles or campaigns
an enclosure used for cockfights

1580s, “a pit for fighting cocks,” from cock (n.1) + pit (n.1). Used in nautical sense (1706) for midshipmen’s compartment below decks; transferred to airplanes (1914) and to cars (1930s).


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