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the interval before the evening meal during which cocktails and other alcoholic beverages are often served.


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  • Cocktailing

    [kok-teyl] /ˈkɒkˌteɪl/ noun 1. any of various short mixed drinks, consisting typically of gin, whiskey, rum, vodka, or brandy, with different admixtures, as vermouth, fruit juices, or flavorings, usually chilled and frequently sweetened. 2. a portion of food, as seafood served with a sauce, a mixture of fruits, or juice, served as the appetizer course […]

  • Cocktail-lounge

    noun 1. a public room, as in a hotel or airline terminal, where cocktails and other drinks are served. 2. a bar. noun 1. a room in a hotel, restaurant, etc, where cocktails or other alcoholic drinks are served

  • Cocktail-party

    noun 1. a social gathering, often held during the cocktail hour, at which cocktails and other alcoholic beverages, hors d’oeuvres, and canapés are served. noun 1. a play in verse (1950) by T. S. Eliot.

  • Cocktail party effect

    noun the difficulty of focusing one’s attention on a single auditory source within a jumble of noises; the process of selective listening Examples In a room where several conversations are taking place, one can focus on one of them and ignore the rest: the cocktail party effect.

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