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Coffee and cakes

noun phrase

Small wages; a pittance; peanuts: playing for coffee and cakes in an obscure Washington nightspot (1920s+)


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  • Coffee bag

    noun 1. a small bag containing ground coffee beans, infused to make coffee

  • Coffeeberry

    [kaw-fee-ber-ee, kof-ee-] /ˈkɔ fiˌbɛr i, ˈkɒf i-/ noun, plural coffeeberries. 1. an evergreen shrub, Rhamnus californica, of the buckthorn family, common in the western U.S., having small, greenish flowers and red fruit that turns black, grown as a bee plant.

  • Coffee-break

    noun 1. a break from work for coffee, a snack, etc. noun phrase A respite of ten or twenty minutes during the workday (1940s+)

  • Coffeecake

    [kaw-fee-keyk, kof-ee-] /ˈkɔ fiˌkeɪk, ˈkɒf i-/ noun 1. a or sweetened bread, often flavored with cinnamon and made or topped with nuts, raisins, candied fruit, etc., and glazed with melted sugar, usually served with .

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