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Cold agglutination

cold agglutination n.
The clumping of red blood cells by their own serum or by any other serum when the blood is cooled below body temperature.


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  • Cold agglutinin

    cold agglutinin n. An agglutinin associated with cold agglutination.

  • Cold-blooded

    [kohld-bluhd-id] /ˈkoʊldˈblʌd ɪd/ adjective 1. designating or pertaining to animals, as fishes and reptiles, whose blood temperature ranges from the freezing point upward, in accordance with the temperature of the surrounding medium; poikilothermic. 2. without emotion or feeling; dispassionate; cruel: a cold-blooded murder. 3. sensitive to cold. adjective 1. having or showing a lack of […]

  • Cold-blooded animals

    Animals, such as reptiles, fishes, and amphibians, that cannot control their body temperature and therefore become sluggish in cold weather. (Compare warm-blooded animals.) Note: Cold-blooded animals are often seen sunning themselves to warm up.

  • Cold-call

    noun 1. a visit or telephone call to a prospective customer without an appointment or a previous introduction. noun 1. a call made by a salesman on a potential customer without making an appointment verb 2. to call on (a potential customer) without making an appointment noun : Canvassing is the equivalent of cold calls […]

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