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a creamy cosmetic, typically of oily consistency, used to cleanse or soothe the skin, especially of the face and neck, or to remove makeup.
an emulsion of water and fat used cosmetically for softening and cleansing the skin


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  • Cold-cure resin

    cold-cure resin n. See autopolymer resin.

  • Cold-cut

    noun 1. Usually, cold cuts. slices of unheated salami, bologna, ham, liverwurst, turkey, or other meats and sometimes cheeses.

  • Cold dark matter

    noun in science, invisible matter consisting of massive particles with low energy, presently hypothetical Word Origin matter + dark ‘invisible’ + cold ‘lacking energy, slow’

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    noun, Cards Slang. 1. a pack with the cards in prearranged order, secretly exchanged for the one in use; stacked deck. noun phrase A dishonest deck of playing cards, usually stacked or marked (1856+) verb phrase To take advantage of someone; dishonestly assure one’s own winning; rig, stack the deck (1884+)

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