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[kohld-kok] /ˈkoʊldˌkɒk/

verb (used with object), Slang.
to knock (someone) unconscious, as with the fist.


Read Also:

  • Cold-color

    noun 1. a paint fixed to glass or to a ceramic object without firing.

  • Cold-comfort

    noun 1. slight or negligible comfort; scarce consolation. Slight or no consolation. For example, He can’t lend us his canoe but will tell us where to rent one—that’s cold comfort. The adjective cold was being applied to comfort in this sense by the early 1300s, and Shakespeare used the idiom numerous times.

  • Cold-cream

    noun 1. a creamy cosmetic, typically of oily consistency, used to cleanse or soothe the skin, especially of the face and neck, or to remove makeup. noun 1. an emulsion of water and fat used cosmetically for softening and cleansing the skin

  • Cold-cure resin

    cold-cure resin n. See autopolymer resin.

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