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Collateral artery

collateral artery n.


Read Also:

  • Collateral-circulation

    noun 1. circulation of blood through a network of minor vessels that become enlarged and joined with adjacent vessels when a major vein or artery is impaired, as by obstruction. collateral circulation n. Circulation maintained in small anastomosing vessels when the main artery is obstructed.

  • Collateral-damage

    noun 1. the killing of civilians in a military attack. 2. any damage incidental to an activity. noun 1. (military) unintentional damage to civil property and civilian casualties, caused by military operations noun unintentional harm to persons or property as the result of military action n. by 1873 in legal cases; in modern use, generally […]

  • Collateral fissure

    collateral fissure n. See collateral sulcus.

  • Collateral hyperemia

    collateral hyperemia n. Hyperemia resulting from increased blood flow through collateral channels when the flow through the main artery is arrested.

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