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colonopathy co·lon·op·a·thy (kō’lə-nŏp’ə-thē) or co·lop·a·thy (kə-lŏp’ə-thē)
Disease of the colon.


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  • Colonnette

    [kol-uh-net] /ˌkɒl əˈnɛt/ noun 1. a small or thin column or shaft.

  • Colonorrhagia

    colonorrhagia co·lon·or·rha·gi·a (kō’lə-nō-rā’jē-ə, -jə) n. Variant of colorrhagia.

  • Colonorrhea

    colonorrhea co·lon·or·rhe·a (kō’lə-nō-rē’ə) n. Variant of colorrhea.

  • Colonoscope

    [koh-lon-uh-skohp, kuh-] /koʊˈlɒn əˌskoʊp, kə-/ noun, Medicine/Medical. 1. a flexible, lighted, tubular instrument using fiber optics to permit visualization of the . /kəˈlɒnəˌskəʊp/ noun 1. an instrument for examining the colon, consisting of a flexible lighted tube that is inserted in the colon to look for abnormalities and to remove them or take tissue samples […]

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