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noun, Chemistry.
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[kroh-muh-tog-ruh-fee] /ˌkroʊ məˈtɒg rə fi/
noun, Chemistry.
the separation of mixtures into their constituents by preferential adsorption by a solid, as a column of silica (column chromatography) or a strip of filter paper (paper chromatography) or by a gel.
the technique of separating and analysing the components of a mixture of liquids or gases by selective adsorption in, for example, a column of powder (column chromatography) or on a strip of paper (paper chromatography) See also gas chromatography

1731, from chromato-, Latinized comb. form of Greek khroma (genitive khromatos) “color” (see chroma), denoting “color” or “chromatin” + -graphy. Related: Chromatograph.

chromatography chro·ma·tog·ra·phy (krō’mə-tŏg’rə-fē)
Any of various techniques for the separation of complex mixtures that rely on the differential affinities of substances for a gas or liquid mobile medium and for a stationary adsorbing medium through which they pass, such as paper, gelatin, or magnesia. Also called absorption chromatography.
chro’ma·tog’ra·pher n.

column chromatography n.
A form of partition chromatography in which a liquid phase flows down a column packed with a solid phase.
A technique used to separate the components of a chemical mixture by moving the mixture along a stationary material, such as gelatin. Different components of the mixture are caught by the material at different rates and form isolated bands that can then be analyzed.


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