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Come out of

Also, come from or come of . Issue, proceed, or result from, as in What good can come out of all this wrangling? or Where are these questions coming from? or What do you think will come of this change? The first term dates from the early 1600s, the second from the early 1200s, and the third from the late 1500s. Also see where one is coming from


Read Also:

  • Come out of a bag

    verb phrase To act contrary to expectation (1990s+ Black)

  • Come out of nowhere

    see: out of nowhere

  • Come out of the chute

    verb phrase To begin; inaugurate something: If we had come out of the chute conservatively, we would have been projecting a sense of doubt [1980s+; fr the rodeo, where bucking horses, rampaging bulls, etc, come out of a chute at the edge of the arena]

  • Come out of the closet

    To publicly announce a belief or preference that one has kept hidden, especially one’s sexual preference: “At the last moment, the representative came out of the closet and announced her support for the controversial amendment.” (See skeleton in the closet.) verb phrase see: come out , def. 6.

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