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noun, Ecclesiastical.
a chalice from which a communicant drinks.


Read Also:

  • Communionist

    [kuh-myoon-yuh-nist] /kəˈmyun yə nɪst/ noun, Ecclesiastical. 1. a person with a particular view or interpretation of , as specified. 2. a communicant.

  • Communion-of-saints

    noun 1. the spiritual fellowship existing among all faithful Christians, both living and dead. noun 1. (Christianity) the spiritual fellowship of all true Christians, living and dead

  • Communion-plate

    noun, Roman Catholic Church. 1. the plate held under the chin of a communicant to catch the Host if it should fall.

  • Communion-rail

    noun, Ecclesiastical. 1. the altar rail where communion is received by the congregation.

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