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(initial capital letter) a member of the Communist Party or movement.
an advocate of .
a person who is regarded as supporting politically leftist or subversive causes.
(usually initial capital letter) a Communard.
(initial capital letter) of or relating to the Communist Party or to Communism.
pertaining to communists or .
Contemporary Examples

Of his past we learn only that he is an orphan, and that he studied philosophy and joined the communist Party.
The Foodie Detective: The Pepe Carvalho Novels by Manuel Vázquez Montalbán Malcolm Forbes October 2, 2012

To be falsely branded a communist, leftie, or socialist by right-wing political activists.
A Lexical Life Raft for the Government Shutdown Liesl Schillinger October 15, 2013

King was widely reviled in his lifetime, attacked as a troublemaker, a liar, a con man and a communist.
The MLK Whitewash John Avlon January 15, 2012

But to do that, the communist Party has to take on the vested interests on which it depends for its power.
Will China Implode? Isabel Hilton July 27, 2009

Then again, some of them doubtless think it reprehensible that he speak at a memorial service for an old “communist”.
Raúl Castro Honors Mandela, but Ignores His Message Alex Massie December 9, 2013

Historical Examples

Listen; you may go to Batignolles and write a column around a communist meeting for me.
To Tell You the Truth Leonard Merrick

Godwin was a communist, and so, in some degree, were most of his friends.
Shelley, Godwin and Their Circle H. N. Brailsford

But what does such a defence amount to, but an error of reasoning which the communist logicians have lost no time in rectifying?
Harmonies of Political Economy Frdric Bastiat

It is inaccurate to refer to the eastern part of Germany as “communist Germany.”
The Invisible Government Dan Smoot

It is here that the communist regime in Russia has encountered its most fatal difficulty.
The Salvaging Of Civilisation H. G. (Herbert George) Wells

a supporter of any form of communism
(often capital) a supporter of Communism or a Communist movement or state
(often capital) a member of a Communist party
(often capital) (US) any person holding left-wing views, esp when considered subversive
a person who practises communal living; communalist
another name for Communard
of, characterized by, favouring, or relating to communism; communistic

1841, as both a noun and adjective, from French communiste (see communism). First attested in writing by John Goodwin Barmby (1820-1881), British Owenite and utopian socialist who founded the London Communist Propaganda Society in 1841. Main modern sense emerged after publication of Communist Manifesto (“Manifest der Kommunistischen Partei”) in 1848. Shortened form Commie attested from 1940. Related: Communistic.

A supporter of communism.


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