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Compression-ignition engine

a type of internal-combustion engine, such as a diesel, in which ignition occurs as a result of the rise in temperature caused by compression of the mixture in the cylinder


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  • Compression-molding

    noun 1. a method of molding thermosetting plastic by closing a mold on it, forming the material by heat and pressure.

  • Compression paralysis

    compression paralysis n. Paralysis due to compression of a nerve, as by prolonged pressure.

  • Compression syndrome

    compression syndrome n. See crush syndrome.

  • Compression-ratio

    noun, Automotive. 1. the ratio of the cylinder volume enclosed by the piston at its outermost position to the volume enclosed by it at its innermost position. noun 1. the ratio of the volume enclosed by the cylinder of an internal-combustion engine at the beginning of the compression stroke to the volume enclosed at the […]

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