the study of the applications of computers in processing and analyzing language, as in automatic machine translation and text analysis.

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  • Computational molecular biology

    application The area of bioinformatics concerning the use of computers to characterise the molecular components of living things. (2005-01-07)

  • Computative

    [kom-pyoo-tey-shuh n] /ˌkɒm pyʊˈteɪ ʃən/ noun 1. an act, process, or method of ; calculation. 2. a result of . 3. the amount . /ˌkɒmpjʊˈteɪʃən/ noun 1. a calculation involving numbers or quantities n. early 15c., from Middle French computation, from Latin computationem (nominative computatio), noun of action from past participle stem of computare “to […]

  • Compute

    [kuh m-pyoot] /kəmˈpyut/ verb (used with object), computed, computing. 1. to determine by calculation; reckon; calculate: to compute the period of Jupiter’s revolution. 2. to determine by using a or calculator. verb (used without object), computed, computing. 3. to reckon; calculate. 4. to use a or calculator. 5. Informal. to make sense; add up: His […]

  • Computed-tomography

    noun 1. . Abbreviation: CT. noun 1. (med) another name (esp US) for computerized tomography

  • Compute parallel

    language (Compel) The first single-assignment language. [“A Language Design for Concurrent Processes”, L.G. Tesler et al, Proc SJCC 32:403-408, AFIPS (Spring 1968)]. (1995-01-19)

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