[kuh m-pyoot] /kəmˈpyut/

verb (used with object), computed, computing.
to determine by calculation; reckon; calculate:
to compute the period of Jupiter’s revolution.
to determine by using a or calculator.
verb (used without object), computed, computing.
to reckon; calculate.
to use a or calculator.
Informal. to make sense; add up:
His reasons for doing that just don’t compute.
outer space that is vast beyond compute.
to calculate (an answer, result, etc), often with the aid of a computer
calculation; computation (esp in the phrase beyond compute)

1630s, from French computer, from Latin computare “to count, sum up, reckon together,” from com- “with” (see com-) + putare “to reckon,” originally “to prune” (see pave). Related: Computed; computing.

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