Computer-assisted learning

Computer-Aided Instruction

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  • Computer architecture

    noun 1. the structure, behaviour, and design of computers

  • Computer-assisted makeup

    [kuh m-pyoo-ter uh-sis-tid] /kəmˈpyu tər əˌsɪs tɪd/ noun, Printing. 1. (def 4a).

  • Computer-assisted tomography

    noun 1. . noun 1. the process of producing a CAT scan. computerized axial tomography com·put·er·ized axial tomography (kəm-pyōō’tə-rīzd’) n. Abbr. CAT Tomography used in diagnostic studies of internal bodily structures, in which computer analysis of a series of cross-sectional scans made along a single axis of a bodily structure or tissue is used to […]

  • Computerate

    /kəmˈpjuːtərɪt/ adjective 1. able to use computers adjective very familiar with computers and computer science; computer-literate Word Origin computer + literate Usage Note computing; shortened form of computer-literate

  • Computer-based training

    application (CBT) Training (of humans) done by interaction with a computer. The programs and data used in CBT are known as “courseware.” (1995-03-13)

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