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the system of ethics, education, and statesmanship taught by Confucius and his disciples, stressing love for humanity, ancestor worship, reverence for parents, and harmony in thought and conduct.
Historical Examples

This was one of the defects of feudal Confucianism which finally led to its own overthrow.
Evolution Of The Japanese, Social And Psychic Sidney L. Gulick

But it is Confucianism that has remained the creed of educated China.
Introduction to the History of Religions Crawford Howell Toy

From its birthplace in China Confucianism spread to Korea, where it soon became, and still continues to be, the predominant faith.
The Gist of Japan R. B. Peery

Confucianism is therefore entirely a system of morality, and not a religion.
Religions of Ancient China Herbert A. Giles

Buddhism was more congenial to them than Confucianism and besides, they had made its acquaintance earlier.
Hinduism and Buddhism, An Historical Sketch, Vol. 3 (of 3) Charles Eliot

Buddhism, Confucianism, Shintoism, are impartially recognised.
Studies in Literature and History Sir Alfred Comyn Lyall

We have to bear in mind the immense populations, both in China and Japan, whose chief creed is Confucianism.
Buddhism, In its Connexion With Brahmanism and Hinduism, and In Its Contrast with Christianity Sir Monier Monier-Williams

Confucianism is even less deserving the name of a religion than Shinto.
The Gist of Japan R. B. Peery

The theory of Confucianism, on the other hand, is both erroneous and defective.
Village Life in China Arthur H. Smith

Loyalty is the one idea which dominates all others in the Confucianism of Japan.
The Gist of Japan R. B. Peery

the ethical system of Confucius, emphasizing moral order, the humanity and virtue of China’s ancient rulers, and gentlemanly education
Confucianism [(kuhn-fyooh-shuh-niz-uhm)]

A system of ethics, founded on the teachings of Confucius, that influenced the traditional culture of China. Confucianism places a high value on learning and stresses family relationships.


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