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[kong-guh] /ˈkɒŋ gə/

noun, plural congas.
a Cuban ballroom dance that consists of three steps forward followed by a kick, characteristically performed by a group following a leader in a single line.
the music for this dance.
Also called conga drum. a tall, conical, Afro-Cuban drum played with the hands.
verb (used without object), congaed, congaing.
to dance a conga.
a Latin American dance of three steps and a kick to each bar, usually performed by a number of people in single file
Also called conga drum. a large tubular bass drum, used chiefly in Latin American and funk music and played with the hands
verb -gas, -gaing, -gaed
(intransitive) to dance the conga

1935, American Spanish, fem. of (danza) Congo “Congo (dance);” so called because it was assumed to be of African origin.


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