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An act or instance of conking out: I did a swift conkout when I got to bed


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  • Conky

    [kongk, kawngk] /kɒŋk, kɔŋk/ noun, Mycology. 1. the shelflike fruiting body of certain wood-decaying fungi; bracket. /kɒŋk/ verb 1. to strike (someone) a blow, esp on the head or nose noun 2. a punch or blow, esp on the head or nose 3. the head or (esp Brit and NZ) the nose v. as in […]

  • Con-maesta

    [kon mahy-stah, kohn; Italian kawn mah-es-tah] /kɒn maɪˈstɑ, koʊn; Italian kɔn mɑ ɛsˈtɑ/ adverb 1. majestically (used as a musical direction).

  • Con-man

    noun, Slang. 1. . noun 1. (informal) a person who swindles another by means of a confidence trick More formal term confidence man noun phrase confidence man

  • Con-moto

    [kon moh-toh, kohn; Italian kawn maw-taw] /kɒn ˈmoʊ toʊ, koʊn; Italian kɔn ˈmɔ tɔ/ adverb 1. with spirited drive; animatedly (used as a musical direction). /kɒn ˈməʊtəʊ/ adjective, adverb 1. (music) (to be performed) in a brisk or lively manner

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