[kuh n-suhl-tn-see] /kənˈsʌl tn si/

noun, plural consultancies.
the state of being a ; the position of a :
a consultancy with a government agency.
a person or firm that provides advice or services.
(defs 1, 2).

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  • Consultant

    [kuh n-suhl-tnt] /kənˈsʌl tnt/ noun 1. a person who gives professional or expert advice: a consultant on business methods. 2. a person who someone or something. /kənˈsʌltənt/ noun 1. 2. a specialist who gives expert advice or information 3. a person who asks advice in a consultation n. 1690s, of persons going to oracles, from […]

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    [kuh n-suhl-tnt-ship] /kənˈsʌl tntˌʃɪp/ noun 1. the state or office of being a ; consultancy.

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