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[kuh n-suhl-tnt] /kənˈsʌl tnt/

a person who gives professional or expert advice:
a consultant on business methods.
a person who someone or something.

a specialist who gives expert advice or information
a person who asks advice in a consultation

1690s, of persons going to oracles, from consult + -ant. Of physicians, from 1878; meaning “one qualified to give professional advice” is first attested 1893 in a Sherlock Holmes story. Related: Consultancy (1955).

consultant con·sult·ant (kən-sŭl’tənt)

A person who facilitates organisational change and/or provides subject matter expertise on technical, functional and business topics during development or implementation. Consultants perform business requirements analysis, recommends selection of packaged software, develop proposals for consulting services and manage implementation projects at client sites. They provides expert knowledge of products such as SAP R/3, PeopleSoft, HRMS/Financials, and SmartStream.


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