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Continuous processing

the systems in a plant or factory for the manufacturing of products, treating of materials, etc, that have been designed to run continuously and are often computer-controlled Compare batch processing


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  • Continuous-spectrum

    noun, Physics. 1. a spectrum apparently having all wavelengths over a comparatively wide range, usually characteristic of solids and other substances at high temperatures. noun 1. a spectrum that contains or appears to contain all wavelengths but not spectrum lines over a wide portion of its range. The emission spectrum of incandescent solids is continuous; […]

  • Continuous stationery

    noun 1. (computing) paper that is perforated between pages and folded concertina fashion, used in dot-matrix, line, and daisywheel printers

  • Continuous suture

    continuous suture n. A suture made from an uninterrupted series of stitches and fastened at each end by a knot. Also called uninterrupted suture.

  • Continuous system modeling program

    simulation (CSMP) A program for simulation of dynamics of continuous systems. CSMP is similar to CSSL. [“A Guide to Using CSMP – The Continuous System Modeling Program”, Frank H. Speckhart et al, P-H 1976]. (1995-02-23)

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