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an administrative or operational center for a group of related activities:
the control center for the new military offensive.


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  • Control-c

    character (Or ETX, End of Text) The ASCII character with code 3. Control-C is the interrupt character used on many operating systems, including Unix and MS-DOS to abort a running program. Among BSD Unix hackers, the canonical humorous response to “Give me a break!” is “Control C”. [Jargon File] (1995-03-16)

  • Control-character

    noun, Computers. 1. a character in a data stream that signals the device receiving the data to perform a particular control function, as changing the line spacing on a printer from single to double-spaced.

  • Control-chart

    noun, Statistics. 1. a chart on which observations are plotted as ordinates in the order in which they are obtained and on which control lines are constructed to indicate whether the population from which the observations are being drawn is remaining the same: used especially in industrial quality control. noun 1. (statistics) a chart on […]

  • Control code

    character A character which is input or output to cause some special action rather than to appear as part of the data. Most control characters are input by holding down (either of) the “Control” key(s) on the keyboard and simultaneously pressing another key which may be a letter or (depending on the keyboard and operating […]

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