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an experiment or trial that uses controls, usually separating the subjects into one or more control groups and experimental groups.

a trial or experiment that includes a control (comparison) group; also called controlled study ; any trial or test of a hypothesis under carefully managed conditions


Read Also:

  • Controlled explosion

    noun 1. the deliberate detonation of an explosive device under strictly controlled circumstances

  • Controlled hypotension

    controlled hypotension n. See induced hypotension.

  • Controlled mechanical ventilation

    controlled mechanical ventilation n. Abbr. CMV A method of artificial ventilation in which all inspirations are provided by positive pressure applied to the airway. Also called continuous positive pressure breathing, continuous positive pressure ventilation, intermittent positive pressure breathing, intermittent positive pressure ventilation.

  • Controlled-release

    [kuh n-trohld-ri-lees] /kənˈtroʊld rɪˈlis/ adjective 1. (of a substance, as a medicine or insecticide) released or activated at predetermined intervals or gradually over a period of time.

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