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[kon-vuh-loo-shuh n] /ˌkɒn vəˈlu ʃən/

a rolled up or coiled condition.
a rolling or coiling together.
a turn of anything coiled; whorl.
Anatomy. one of the sinuous folds or ridges of the surface of the brain.
a twisting together; a turn, twist, or coil
an intricate, involved, or confused matter or condition
Also called gyrus. any of the numerous convex folds or ridges of the surface of the brain

1540s, from Latin convolutus, past participle of convolvere “to roll together,” from com- “together” (see com-) + volvere “to roll” (see volvox).

convolution con·vo·lu·tion (kŏn’və-lōō’shən)


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