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[koo-per, koo p-er] /ˈku pər, ˈkʊp ər/

a person who makes or repairs casks, barrels, etc.
verb (used with object)
to make or repair (casks, barrels, etc.).
to furnish or fix (usually followed by up).
verb (used without object)
to work as a cooper.
Also called hooper. a person skilled in making and repairing barrels, casks, etc
(transitive) to make or mend (barrels, casks, etc)
(intransitive) to work as a cooper
Anthony Ashley. See (Earl of) Shaftesbury
Cary (Lynn). born 1940, British psychologist, noted for his studies of behaviour at work and the causes and treatment of stress
Gary, real name Frank James Cooper. 1901–61, US film actor; his many films include Sergeant York (1941) and High Noon (1952), for both of which he won Oscars
Sir Henry. 1934–2011, British boxer; European heavyweight champion (1964; 1968–71)
James Fenimore 1789–1851, US novelist, noted for his stories of American Indians, esp The Last of the Mohicans (1826)
Leon Neil. born 1930, US physicist, noted for his work on the theory of superconductivity. He shared the Nobel prize for physics 1972
Samuel 1609–72, English miniaturist

“craftsman who makes wooden vessels,” attested from late 12c. as a surname, either from Old English (unattested) or from a Low German source akin to Middle Dutch cuper, East Frisian kuper, from Low German kupe (German Kufe) “cask,” cognate with Medieval Latin cupa (see coop (n.)).

A dry cooper makes casks, etc., to hold dry goods, a wet cooper those to contain liquids, a white cooper pails, tubs, and the like for domestic or dairy use. [OED]

The surname Cowper (pronounced “cooper”) preserves a 15c. spelling.


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