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[kop-ee-boo k] /ˈkɒp iˌbʊk/

a containing models, usually of penmanship, for learners to imitate.
a for or containing , as of documents.
commonplace; stereotyped:
a copybook sort of phrase.
a book of specimens, esp of penmanship, for imitation
(mainly US) a book for or containing documents
(informal) blot one’s copybook, to spoil one’s reputation by making a mistake, offending against social customs, etc
(modifier) trite or unoriginal: copybook sentiments

programming, library
(Or “copy member”, “copy module”) A common piece of source code designed to be copied into many source programs, used mainly in IBM DOS mainframe programming.
In mainframe DOS (DOS/VS, DOS/VSE, etc.), the copybook was stored as a “book” in a source library. A library was comprised of “books”, prefixed with a letter designating the language, e.g., A.name for Assembler, C.name for Cobol, etc., because DOS didn’t support multiple libraries, private libraries, or anything. This term is commonly used by COBOL programmers but is supported by most mainframe languages. The IBM OS series did not use the term “copybook”, instead it referred to such files as “libraries” implemented as “partitioned data sets” or PDS.
Copybooks are functionally equivalent to C and C++ include files.


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