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[kawr-bit] /ˈkɔr bɪt/

James John (“Gentleman Jim”) 1866–1933, U.S. boxer: world heavyweight champion 1892–97.
(mountaineering) any separate mountain peak between 2500 feet and 3000 feet high: originally used of Scotland only, but now sometimes extended to other parts of the British Isles


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  • Corbie

    [kawr-bee] /ˈkɔr bi/ noun, Scot. 1. a raven or crow. /ˈkɔːbɪ; Scottish ˈkɔːrbɪ/ noun 1. a Scot name for raven1 , crow1 language An early system on the IBM 704. [Listed in CACM 2(5):16, May 1959]. (1996-05-10)

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    noun 1. a gable with corbiesteps. noun 1. (architect) a gable having corbie-steps

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    [kawr-bee-step] /ˈkɔr biˌstɛp/ noun 1. any of a series of steplike portions of a masonry gable that terminate the gable above the surface of the roof.

  • Corbie-step

    noun 1. (architect) any of a set of steps on the top of a gable Also called crow step

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